22yr old Photographer Stella Berkofsky is the one to watch. Her simplistic approach to photography and use of light creates something seriously special, summing up the phrase ‘Less is more’ in her beautiful and intriguing images. She has also caught the attention of some major brands, such as Nylon Magazine and Urban Outfitters. We were eager to find out more about this super cool LA babe, here’s what she had to say….

Tell us a bit about your background, how did you first get into Photography?

I grew up in London and moved to LA during high school (which I loathed). Somehow I convinced my parents to let me leave early and I started modelling. I always carried a little 35 mm camera around with me shooting my friends, and after 5 or so years of modeling I had learned a lot about photography from being on set. I met great make up artists, stylists, models and was able to travel (to Japan mostly). I had a small body of work & a friend recommended me to shoot a job for Nylon. It all kind of happened from there.


You’ve talked about how you have grown up around lots of creative people, how has this influenced you and your work?

I guess it felt like being creative was the only option for me. I have so many resources and ‘teachers’ at my fingertips so I made a point of working hard and asking lots of questions.

We love your shoot for Objects Without Meaning. What processes do you go through when planning a shoot?

Thank you! The designer Alex and her husband/creative director Andrew are very collaborative. They always have a very specific story or reference behind each collection but they are really open to how I want to visually execute it. We always meet and talk it out, then spend the next 2-3 weeks putting together the pieces… Emailing back & forth hundreds of reference images and films. It has been really cool to work with the brand from the ground up and build such a strong identity for them. We’ve just shot the new men’s look book and have the women’s Spring 14 shoot coming up next month. Stay tuned!

How’s life in L.A? Where are your fave places to hang out/shoot?

Life in LA is pretty nice. I like hanging out in my beautiful apartment, going on hikes and spending weekends skipping town with my boyfriend- either driving North for some fresh air, or the desert for some sun. I love shooting up the coast line- there are also some really beautiful botanical gardens that I like to shoot at. Recently I’ve been enjoying shooting very small scale & working with objects on mini sets.


Where in the world would you most like to travel/shoot?

Right now I’m really itching for Morocco or Turkey some time soon… But Iceland would be my ultimate shoot location!

Your use of light and elegant simplicity is such a strong characteristic of your work. How has your work/style developed?

Thank you again! I have definitely slowed down a lot with my work, especially since I started shooting more medium format. Rather than snapping away candidly waiting for the image to happen, I am more attracted to a calm aesthetic.


What advice would you give to young photographers who want to chose photography as a career path?

I am still a young photographer, so these are things I tell myself…

- Be patient!
- Make tons and tons of work but don’t stick it all on the internet (immediately)!

Lastly, if you could chose one item of clothing as your most treasured piece, what would it be?

That’s a tricky one… I have about 5 pieces of clothing that my grandmother Alice Pollock designed.. All are exquisite, but I think it would have to be the pale pink silk shirt with very long 60s collar and small violets embroidered on the front and at the wrist.


Photo of Stella by Claire Cottrell




Interview by Lula Ososki