London-based photographer, Daisy Walker is a seriously talented gal. Self taught Daisy only entered the world of photography about a year ago, and has since shot for magazines such as Dazed and Confused, Vice, Vogue Italia and Fucking Young. We love her whimsical, atmospheric imagery – here’s what she had to say….



Tell us about your journey from when you were at school to where you are now, what have been the key steps to your success as a photographer?

I went to a very academic school but have always been very creative and was interested in art, product design and drama – though these weren’t really encouraged.

Whilst applying for Uni’s I decided to apply for drama schools as well but eventually went to Uni to study French and Spanish, which meant I moved abroad to Paris and then Santiago in Chile. Both visually had a big impact on me, though I didn’t seriously pick up a camera until about a year and a half ago. From there I’ve just been learning my craft – creating images I love and working with some incredible girls in the industry.


We love your shoot for Carbon Copy. What processes do you go through when planning a shoot?

That was actually one of my most low-key shoots. I styled it myself and shot it in my grandparents old house. That kind of relaxed atmosphere is what I aim to create with all my shoots – though the more you progress, the bigger things seem to get and the more people are involved. Generally I create the concept, bring on my team and see the entire process through to shoot and edit. Actually, full collaboration on a shoot is rare so when it does come along and I fully trust it, it’s a welcome concept.


How do you find living and working in London?

I’m London gal, born and bred, so there’s pros and cons for me. It is such a creative city, and a collaborative city too, but it has a dark side and life in London can be hard. I have plans to move to New York in a few years – I lived there for a few months a few years ago, and I love its’ spirit. I’ve always had a tendency to feel utterly in love and then trapped by London, it’s a city of opposites.


To Me, Lost was a piece you wrote, directed and filmed for Stööki…do you think you’d like to experiment with film further?

It has always been a very emotive medium to me. I’m obsessed with film and the processes behind that creation. I love feeling caught up in a scene, and being able to merge words with music and imagery is fascinating to me, so yes I’d certainly love to do more with film – when I allow the time for it!

What do you think Fashion means to young people? Why is it so significant to youth culture?

Fashion is everything to the young. It’s lifestyle, it’s culture, it’s music, it’s person, it’s design…. We live in a very 360 world now where all elements coincide with the creative forms. Fashion is just one cog in that – and a cog I love to delve into and play with in terms of imagery. I originally wanted to be a stylist for a fashion magazine but I’m happier behind the lens, toying with fashion in a different way.


Which part of your work process do you enjoy the most, and what do you find most difficult?

Idea creation. Finding that one element that inspires your mind to wander and create an entire shoot concept is a very liberating process. At that point anything is possible. After that it’s the actual point when I’m the holding the camera and can see that idea coming to life. The most difficult I’d say is editing – it’s hard to know when the image is done. The editing process is the element I least enjoy.

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What advice would you give to young photographers who want to chose photography as a career path?

Learn how to become a business. Be a professional, pitch your ideas, meet people and find yourself a solid team. Most importantly – work hard and criticise every image you create.


Can you give us the scoop on your plans for 2014?

2013 was a big year for me – I went from being a self taught complete novice to getting my first cover for Client magazine, becoming a portrait photographer for Dazed & Confused and shooting for a large number of magazines in my bucket list, which I never expected. For 2014 I just want to continue in that vain. I have plans for an exhibition this year as well and I’d like to be able to dedicate more time to travel photography which is I guess where I started.


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