We love it when a plan comes together. Especially when it’s a plan by creative geniuses to bring music and visuals together in a series of 5 short films – that’s the kinda plan we like. Funded by Kickstarter, film maker Thomas Ormonde and illustrator Robert Hunter have joined forces to do exactly that. Rob and Tom were blown away by the unique sound of rising Scottish/French band Babe, and so to mark the release of Babe’s debut album, decided to combine the band’s musical skill with their own creative talent, and develop a string of interlinking music videos.

Their short films aim to tell the story of one man’s dilemma, when he’s given an outer body perspective of what his life would be like for the love ones around him in his absence. These will be accompanied by original soundscapes that are created from the albums tracks.

The Brainchild of Gerard Black, Babe’s sound is a beautiful Dream Pop/Funk/Alternative RnB combo. Originally from Scotland, he was in a number of synth led bands until by chance, he met french band Francois and the Atlas Mountains. They took him away to France having seen him play live and he became a member of the band writing arrangements and backing vocals for their albums. Along side this Gerard learnt to speak French and wrote his own material which became Babe.

We can’t freakin’ wait to see and hear the outcome of this exciting project, and so to hold us out until then we’re just gonna listen to ‘Tilt’ on repeat…like it on Soundcloud for a free download and join us!