Swedish Punk/Pop babes, Vulkano are an explosive new duo with a passion for astrology, mythology & the supernatural. Their debut album ‘Live Wild Die Free’ was released at the beginning of Feb, and we’re freakin’ loving it! We had a catch up with the gals to find out more…

Tell us a bit about your background, how did you guys come together to form Vulkano?

We are a two-girl band based in Stockholm. Me, Cissi Efraimsson sings and plays the stand up drums and Lisa Pyk Wirström plays the keys and percussion. We have known each other for a very long time now and started our first band when we were 14 years old. Both me and Lisa were playing in another band called Those Dancing Days when we started Vulkano. We felt like doing something more crazy and daring than what we had done before. We wanted to experiment for a more innovative sound. To us music is a time to play around and behave like kids but at the same time it’s the most serious important thing in our lives.


You’ve just released your debut album ‘Live Wild Die Free’, What were the key steps to creating your first album? How did you find the process?

It was fun and intense! We spent almost every evening after art school in our studio for half a year until we had enough songs to make an album. Most of the songs came to life when I sat at home or in school and made a first foundation. Then I took it to Lisa and another girl Rebecka Rolfart that we wrote the album with and we jammed it, arranged it and put it together. Some other songs like Jungle were written just through many hours of jamming. There’s a lot of jamming behind this album. And a lot of incense and quite a lot of drama.


Do you think anything from your teen years has influenced your sound now?

Definitely. I still love and listen to some of the bands that inspired me back then (Björk, David Bowie, The Cure) so I guess some of it still hangs on. I think the inspiration bank just has grown and taken a new way.

Your inspirations include astrology, the supernatural and mythology – how does this reflect in your music?

It sets the vibe. It’s always present in our lives so it’s always present when we write and play music and I think you can hear that on the record. It has got quite a deep dark foresty sound to it. Maybe you hear it more clearly in the lyrics. I decided not to write a word about love just to test myself and see what other themes would come up.


Tell us a bit about the involvement of art and film with Vulkano….

For us it’s all art and just different ways of expressing the same thing. If I have something that I want to say I say it with sounds or I do it with colours. It’s very alike and it’s a way to be freer in my creativity. Creating art, music and film benefits each other. In 2013 me and Lisa created a psychedelic short film based on the album. I directed it and wrote it and we both played the main rolls. It’s coming out in May.


What can we expect from your live shows?



What advice would you give to young people trying to get their music out there?

Work hard! Be independent. People talk a lot in the music industry. Don’t expect other people to make things happen for you. Find your unique style and don’t try to do just what you think other people will like.


- A lil’ muso game for you, put a track under these three titles -

1. Guilty pleasure… 

Robbie Williams – Feel

2. Play on a loop…

Love is to Die – Warpaint

3. Makes me feel sick… 

Talk Dirty – feat. 2 Chainz – Jason Derulo