Menswear designer Aristides Vanis first caught our eye with his  Fall/Winter 14 collection during London Fashion Week, and we totally fell in love with his colourful, illustrative designs. A recent graduate from the London College of Fashion, Aristides’ latest collection ‘The Party’ reflects memories from his childhood in Greece. We had a lil’ chat with Aristides to find out more – read up…


Tell us a bit about your background, what have been the key steps that have lead to your career in fashion design?

I really liked dressing up when I was a little one, I used to make all these fantasy stories like every kid. I really liked Horror movies, and funny movies too. Weekends at my Grandmothers house helped me a lot, I just want to keep that alive.


How did you find growing up as a teenager in Greece?

Really difficult, my friends still say to me ‘We don’t get it, why did all the students in the class have blue notebooks and you had Casper the Friendly Ghost?’. When they see something different it’s automatically weird to them.


What was the inspiration behind your graduate collection ‘The Party’?

This is actually my dream, to have a beautiful house and throw parties. All the elements from the illustrations are visual memories from my childhood but in cartoons.


You studied History of Costume in Italy, and worked for a theatre company in Athens…how do you feel this has influenced your work?

The thing is, I’m not a big fan of theatre and musicals but I really love the construction of the garments. I’m still trying to find something in between this and going down a more commercial road.


How was your experience at LCF? Do you think it changed the way you work in any way?

Yes, it changed me. But not because they forced me to change, it was what I wanted. I used to be more clumsy.


Which part of your work process do you enjoy the most, and what have you found most difficult?

I love it when a project comes to an end so I can see it completed, because at the end it’s all about the product. Using my computer for the engineered prints is the most difficult part.



What’s your next move?

I really want to do another collection and find some stockists, but at the moment I only have money for my rent, travel and food.


What advice would you give to young designers who want to follow a career in Fashion?

I have one piece of advice: FOLLOW YOUR HEART.


Lastly, if you could choose one item of clothing as your most treasured piece, what would it be?

Literally, I love everything in my collection but my most beloved piece and key look is the donkey jacket.