From styling to photography, fashion design and assisting – the list of Phoebe-Lettice’s skills goes to prove she is one multi-talented chick. She started her career in the fashion industry at only 16yrs old, and has worked for the likes of Wonderland and Tatler Magazine. Since finishing her stint on Made In Chelsea, Phoebe’s latest project is a super Kawaii collection created with fashion label Illustrated People…we had a catch up with Phoe-MEGA BAE to find out more!

We’re super excited about your collab with Illustrated People. What’s the vibe behind this collection….

Well the main influence was the Japanese fashion scene, mainly the vibrant Harajuku district as it’s home to some of the most incredible style. The vibe would be vivid, playful and a bit fucking bonkers.


What are the design processes that you went through to create this collection?

I love the way a lot of Japanese prints are layered up, so you have one basic layer of say gingham and then another layer of for example repeated bunny rabbits. I made sure that all of the piece of the print were personal to me such as spiders and junk food etc. To make the prints I shipped in LOADS of Japanese toys stickers and accessories, and shot them all individually on green screen. I then started playing on photoshop with the layering. Graphic wise I worked with Kelly Anna London and we collaborated on different ways to combine photographs and illustration.

Where did you study?



How did you find studying at uni compared to interning? Do you rate one over the other after experiencing both?

I enjoyed the town of Brighton and my course topped up my skills in studio lighting but it really wasn’t necessary for me. I left uni for a fashion assistant job as I knew that it would be more beneficial to my career to get stuck in to the industry. I also learnt a hell of a lot more in a weeks interning at Wonderland that I did over a year. However each experience and journey is personal.


Do you have any favourite up and coming designers on your radar?

Yes – I really love Phiney Pet and Rose Blair London they are both awesome.


What tips or advice would you give to young people interested in a career within the fashion industry?

Work your tits off and don’t be late. Expect a couple or more of gruelling soul destroying years.


Phoebe-Lettice Thompson photography

What do you think fashion means to young people? Why is it so significant to youth culture?

I think fashion means something different to everyone for some people its nothing. Becoming a teenager is so experimental with all aspects of life and I think fashion is often used as self expression.


Lastly, if you could choose one item of clothing as your most treasured piece, what would it be?

Versace skin tight high heeling leather boots that come up to your lady bits.