Låpsley (AKA. Holly Fletcher) is someone to get excited about. At 18 yrs old, she’s already been clocked by the likes of Zane Lowe, Annie Mac and Huw Stevens for her unique acoustic/electronic mix. Her minimal style, and clean vocals nod to artists such as James Blake, Banks and Lorde. This, combined with her own acoustic influences and youthful mindset creates a distinctive sound that ain’t gonna be leaving your head for a while.

I’ve been writing since I was 12. Songwriting is what I’ve always done, but I’m learning with every one. I wrote Station a few years ago on piano, and when I made the Låpsley project, I’d rework songs I’d already written – I liked the contrast of having two different voices.” – Låpsley, interview with The Skinny

We’ve been obsessed with her latest track ‘Painter’ accompanied by an equally beautiful video (directed by Harvey Pearson, a super talented 17 yr old.) Watch and listen below….