Facebook, Twitter, email – whatever. Even with an added emoji, it’s not always easy to get your message across how you want it too. Exciting new app ‘Somebody‘ is here to change it all and bring some ‘real talk’ back into our lives.

A collaboration between Miu Miu and artist/actress/writer Miranda July, ‘Somebody’ allows you to send messages to a friend via a stranger who will deliver it in person, word for word. Whether it’s breaking up with your other half or telling your mum you love her, the app has a range of actions and emotions to make it as close to the real thang as possible. “Somebody is the opposite to the very efficient means of communication we’ve developed in the last few years, but it’s a very open and fun experience” says Miranda.

‘Somebody’ is also accompanied by a super sweet short film showcasing uses for the app…watch above and download the app HERE!