Every now and again, you come across something that is totally revolutionary and brilliant. Something that makes you think WOW I wanna be a part of this. School of Doodle is that thing. This free online high school is a creative hub for teen girls to learn, connect and BE LOUD. Who better to learn from than their impressive array of talented teachers including Yoko Ono, Kim Gordon, Marina Abramović and Garance Doré! We caught up with one of the
creators, Molly Logan. Here’s the scoop…
Firstly, congratulations on totally smashing your Kickstarter target! Tell us a bit about 
the motive behind School of Doodle…

Thank you! We are so excited that other people are as passionate about creativity, confidence and girls. The motive was pretty simple: build a space where girls can connect to creative lessons and each other, support them to collaborate with a global community of young women and finally, offer opportunities for future offline exploration and learning.


What kind of lessons will be available? Can you give us the lowdown on ‘Doodle Dollars’?

Initially, lessons will be focused on music, writing and visual arts – painting, drawing, photography, film making, fashion, graphic design, poetry and creative writing. But where the “curriculum” goes will really be up to the Doodle community.

Doodle Dollars are our Bitcoin. Essentially, you earn them by participating. So lower level of participation like watching a lesson, lower dollar amount. The largest amount will be for teaching something as well as some of our special “challenges” that will require collaboration amongst several Doodle members.

The Doodle Dollars can then be used both in the Doodle and ‘real’ world for: acquiring any tools that we think inspires or aids imagination ( like Photoshop, a set of watercolors or a camera); attending a real world field trip (going on the set of a major film, going backstage at the opera or going into the recording studio with a musician); and, finally, getting to attend one of the live lessons taught online by one of our amazing artists, musicians, film makers etc.


What do you think the importance of ‘being loud’ is for teenage girls today? 

We think that if girls are encouraged to be curious, tenacious, creative and optimistic, it will naturally lead to confidence which is one of the key elements in future success – both in school and in life. And ultimately, we believe that girls and women should and will rule the world :)


Taking you back to your school days, what was being a teen like for you?

Being a teen was confusing. On the surface, everything looked great – good grades, lots of friends, involved in number of organisations from sports to art. But I was quiet and more concerned with doing or being what my parents, teachers or society told me to do/be rather than exploring and discovering that for myself. Luckily, I had an extremely loud mother and some great teachers who made me understand the value of expressing yourself and through that process, you will find your true voice.

Who are your idols?

Yikes! So many and I feel like the list grows every day. There are women I admire: Joan Didion, Kathleen Hanna, Malala Yousafzai and Angela Davis. But the ones who inspire me at the moment are the women of Doodle like my partner Elise Van Middelem and Molly Schiot and then the girls we have met like Jules Spector and Tabitha Hughes.


How did you find the process of developing School of Doodle? What have been the 
most rewarding aspects?

I have been lucky enough to work on some amazing things in my professional career but this has and I expect will continue to be the most inspiring and humbling. And the most rewarding is without question each Skype call or email with the young women responding to Doodle.


You’ve brought together some hugely inspirational people to be School of Doodle 
teachers. Were you surprised by the response and support from so many influential 

Yes and no. We have never doubted that this is important and necessary. So it really never crossed our minds that anyone would say no. However, when we started getting a yes from our heroes like Yoko Ono, Patti Smith, Sarah Silverman and Arianna Huffington, it did stop us in our tracks for a second.


Are there any young, talented gals out there who’s names should be on our radar?

Well, looking at your photographs, you! There is a wonderful writer/artist who nails what it is like to be a teen girl – Taylor Ruth Baldwin. We are fans of Olivia Bee for be brave enough to document her teen years with honesty and humor. And we expect big things from 14 year old Jules Spector. We are not sure if she will be winning a Tony on Broadway or a seat in the Oval Office. But it will be big.


Now that you’re fully funded, what are the next steps to launching this project?

We are in the middle of finishing the beta version of the site and the content which our teen advisory board or Be Loud Ambassadors will test and give their thoughts throughout the fall. Depending on how much we need to change based upon their ideas and input, we will launch late 2014 or early 2015.


What key piece of advice would you give to your teenage self?

You can do or be anything. Seriously. Anything.