New music duo ‘Young Karin‘ is a combination of Logi Stefánsson (of Retro Stefson) and madly talented singer Karin Sveinsdótti. Their dreamy electro-pop sound with added hip hop influences is a breath of fresh, Icelandic air. We fell head over heels in love with their latest track ‘Hearts‘, an exciting glimpse of what to expect from their forthcoming release. In fact, they’re so freakin’ good they were nominated for ‘Newcomer of the Year’ at the Icelandic Music Awards, even with no music out! We had a lil chat with Logi and Karin, here’s the scoop…


Hey! How did you guys come together to form Young Karin?

Logi: We met when Karin was singing at a High School talent show, I saw her there and she completely blew my mind. Her voice is pure gold.


Mega love for your track ‘Hearts’. How have you found the process of creating your debut album?

It’s all very organic, we’ve done a lot of demos and songs after we released our No1 EP. We have some very nice songs coming for our next release. They are more dark, and with more emotion.


What is your approach to songwriting? Is there a pattern to the way you work?

Logi writes the songs and Karin jumps in to the studio to do some vocal demos. Sometime we record vocals over songs and then make new instrumentals to them, change em up a lot, pitch them and stuff.


Karin, you recently turned 18! What has it been like for you juggling school/college and working with Logi on Young Karin? It must be surreal going from playing at Sonar to being in a classroom…

Karin: I think it’s really different studying in a classroom and then playing at concerts, and though I like the second one better, I want to finish school at the same time as my friends. So it’s kind of weird, but at the same time are both fun things.

Where are your fave hangouts when you’re home?

Karin: My favorite place to hang out is downtown Reykjavík. I live in a suburb, so it’s always fun going to the main area. On a normal day I like exploring new things and hanging out with friends and at weekends ‘Dolly’ is my favourite place.


What has been the most exciting thing for you this year? 

The most exciting thing this year has definitely been going to the USA playing with Young Karin. Also all the concerts here in Iceland.. it has all happened so quickly. We’re really looking forward to Iceland Airwaves!


What’s the next step for you guys now?

We’re just working hard on music, meeting nice people, just vibing. It’s all fun and games.